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    • Prime Shelf Space: Showcase your products in our beautifully decorated premium retail space.

    • Monthly Events: Host an event at our store every month to engage directly with your audience and build brand awareness.

    • Referral Incentives: Receive $50 off one month for every new brand you refer to the program.

    • Curated Brands: Be a part of a brand alliance where all products are carefully hand-selected to create a curated experience for our diverse customer base.

    • On Site Sales Team: No need to worry about employees or a sales team, we have you covered. Each of our team members is trained on your products to help you increase customer trust, loyalty, and sales.

    • Free business consulting. We will pair you with a professional business consultant who can help you take your business further.

    Membership Benefits

    clean beauty alliance
    • Flexible Membership: Commit to a 3-month membership with the option to cancel anytime after with 30 days' notice. No long-term lease agreements.

    • Cost: No large rent expenses. You pay a flat $300 low-cost membership fee for shelf space, with zero commission, you only pay credit card processing fees and taxes.

    • Targeted Marketing: Promote your brand to customers in the Georgia area through your selected marketing efforts, including newsletters and social media posts.

    • Events: Brands are responsible for organizing their desired events.


    clean beauty group
    • Responsibilities: Shipping products, paying credit card processing fees and taxes, and marketing efforts.

    • Location: Our store is located in Peachtree City, GA with additional locations planned in the near future.

    Fine Print

    clean beauty collective
Are you a passionate founder changing the world of clean beauty, wellness, or sustainable accessories? Join us in our mission to create a thriving community of like-minded brands, who work together to grow together, all under one roof at Yany Beauty.

Welcome to the Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance

Step into a new era of retail! The Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance offers founders more than just a space to exhibit products; it's a member-based community that fosters direct connections with enthusiastic local customers. Say goodbye to traditional vending and hello to building genuine, organic relationships that fuel long-term loyalty and growth in a one-of-a-kind specialty retail experience store.

Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance

We accept applications on a rolling basis. We will contact you via email to schedule a meeting if your application is selected to move forward in the process.

What type of products do you plan to carry in the store?
What are your clean beauty claims?
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