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What Should My Skincare Routine Be for Cool Weather? Top 4 Skincare Tips!

When the seasons change, it can affect your skin in different ways. When the weather goes from warm to cold it can dry your skin and cause other skincare concerns. To prevent skin issues, here are our top 4 tips to prevent dry cool weather skin.

#1: Use a mild cleanser.

If your skin is dry and flaky it can lead to an overabundance of dead skin cells that can clog your pores and cause acne to develop or worsen. To help remove the flakes wash your face twice daily with a mild cleanser and one that one dry your skin more. We recommend YANY Skin Bear the Fruit Cleanser because it is formulated with sunflower and jojoba oil that enhances hydration while the oat flour, aloe, and chamomile extracts soothe a moisturize.

#2: Apply a daily serum.

Face serums can provide your skin with a host of benefits such as preventing chafing, dry and flaky skin, and many even have anti-aging properties. These benefits are essential when your skin goes from hot weather to cool and even cold weather during the fall and winter months. We recommend the YANY Skin No Stress Serum which is formulated with aloe for hydration and green and black tea extracts to bulk up your free radical defenses. Don't forget to use a serum once or twice per day.

#3: Use a moisturizer daily.

The cooler Fall weather can dry out your skin due to less humidity in the air. To prevent dry, flaky skin during the cooler months use a daily moisturizer, this is true even if you don't normally have dry skin. If you don't normally have dry skin we recommend YANY Beauty Soothe Moisturizer with Hyaluronic. Why Hyaluronic Acid: it protects and hydrates, and increases skin cell production that can lead to smoother, plumper skin cells. If you normally have dryer skin, we highly recommend the YANY Beauty Extreme Moisture Blend. This richer formula nourishes the skin and decreases the appearance of dry and dulling skin without feeling heavy.

#4: Use a humidifier.

When temperatures change outside they also change inside during the autumn months including less humidity. When you start to crank on the heat it also drys out the air in your home which in turn drys out your skin, especially at night while you sleep. To combat dry and cracking skin and lips in the morning snag a humidifier fit for your room size and run it nightly. Your skin will thank you for it.

Looking for the Perfect Skincare Products for Your Fall Skin?

We offer a free skincare analysis. Simply stop by YANY Beauty Boutique to get started. If you aren't near a store, feel free to contact us so we can ask some questions and offer you the best solutions.

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