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What’s In My Makeup Bag?

I genuinely believe every woman has that messy makeup bag filled with several different products they don't even use. I, too, am guilty of throwing every makeup product I've ever owned in one bag and going about my day. So, in an effort to become more "organized," The past weekend, I decided to clean out my makeup bag, throwing out the things that have expired or I just don't use anymore. That was the only organizing I did, and yes, I felt like I truly accomplished something. But now that my bag is cleaned out and full of products I use daily, I'll tell you all what's inside my YANY-filled bag of goodies.

First and foremost, as I cleaned out my bag, I noticed that I could fill up two hand sanitizer bottles with the amount of YANY clear lip glosses that I found in my bag. Yes, I am a victim of the terrible cycle of rebuying your go-to products because somehow you keep "Misplacing them." So now I only have one YANY lipgloss in my makeup bag, and I put an extra in each purse just in case I leave the house without grabbing one. Next in my bag of treasures are my three favorite eyebrow products from YANY that help me achieve the "Fluffy Brow" look (and I'll tell you how you can achieve it too). These products include the YANY brow pomade, the YANY eyebrow gel, and the YANY Dual Liner brush. I use these products every day to make my eyebrows look thicker and fuller. Because I am a Woman who is nothing if not "organized," I keep my two go-to palettes tucked on the side of my other products (cause they just fit like that). These are the YANY light and loaded palette and the YANY Bold looks contour palette. The light and loaded palette is perfect for me because it includes eyeshadow, bronzer, highlight, and blush, so I don't need to carry around too many products when I'm going out; I just throw that in my purse and go. The bold looks contour palette is another favorite because I like to create those Zoe Kravitz cheekbones. This contour glides on your face so effortlessly smooth and is so blendable that afterward, I sometimes think I, too, am Lisa Bonet's child. The last of my products include some things that are essentials for most Women, including me, like the YANY retractable eyeliner in black and brown, YANY lengthening mascara, YANY full-coverage concealer to cover any blemishes, and the YANY 15-shade eyeshadow palette in "date night" because I stay going on dates.

Now that I've gone through my new and improved bag, I've realized that I don't have enough YANY makeup products, and now I'm on my way to YANY Beauty Boutique to buy some more!

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