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Transitioning from Summer to Fall Beautiful Skin

The beautiful changes of fall are in full swing time but that may not be true for your skin. Due to the changes in weather (cooler) and a drop in humidity it can set your skin up for a dry and itchy disaster. But no worries, we got you! To keep your skin beautiful and glowing even when fall weather wants to sabotage it, keep reading for our top 3 ways to care for your fall skin.

Boost Your Moisture

Say goodbye to the lightweight moisturizer you've been smoothing on for summer trying to keep down the shine from moisture and sweat. It's time to go hard with a heftier hydrator. Professionals recommend a cream with the good stuff like hyaluronic acid like our Soothing Moisturizer and the even more bold Extreme Moisture Blend.

Invest in a Steamer

“One of the main benefits of using a facial steamer at home is that it increases blood circulation to the skin by raising the skin’s internal temperature,” Rouleau explains. When you increase the skin’s temperature, oxygen flows to the surface and “feeds the skin cells with new nutrients,” Rouleau adds. When doing your routine, Rouleu advises you should always cleanse, steam, apply serum, and then finish with a moisturizer. A steamer can boost the benefits of your facial serum like our Brilliant Vitamin C Serum.

Invest in a humidifier

The dry heat from your home can be another faux to your skin barrier. The low humidity can cause your skin to get drier, crack, and flake. You know, like the way your eye and nose feel super dry in the middle of the night - glass of water anyone? The good news is investing in a simple humidifier can work wonders.

By Yaminah Childress, Co-Founder, YANY Beauty

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