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The Best At-Home Glycolic Face Peel (For Halloween Lovers)

In honor of the spookiest time of the year, I am trying out the super exciting YANY Vampire glycolic peel made from cherries and letting you all know how it went.

What is a Glycolic Peel?

So, before you lovely skincare enthusiasts rush over to YANY Beauty and purchase this mask, let's first understand what a glycolic peel is and how to use it, so you don't ruin your beautiful skin. A glycolic peel's primary purpose is to shed dead and sun-damaged surface skin cells for a brighter and more refined skin tone and texture. This peel also unclogs the pores and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Since most glycolic peels contain alpha hydroxy acid (an organic acid made from fruits), it may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun, particularly the possibility of sunburn. So make sure always to use daily sunscreen and don't combine this peel with other exfoliating products as they may increase sensitivity.

Now that we know what this peel is and how to use it safely, I'll tell you all how my experience was, if I'll continue to use it and if it's right for you!

My Experience

Before bedtime, I washed my face with the YANY Enter The Abyss facial cleanser to ensure my skin was clean and ready for the mask. I applied the peel with a skincare spatula (also purchased at YANY Beauty) and left it on for no more than 7 minutes. The peel is super fun to apply; it comes from actual cherries, so you can see and feel the cherries in the mask, which I thought was super cool. My face felt pretty normal while the mask was on, with no burning or tingling for me, but I've used a ton of glycolic peels, so it may be different depending on who's using it. It is normal, however, for most glycolic peels to cause slight stinging and a bit of redness until your skin gets used to it, but be cautious if you have sensitive skin. If your skin becomes too irritated, immediately stop use. After the 7 minutes were up, I washed the mask off with warm water, applied the YANY bitter-sweet toner with a cotton pad, and then moisturized my face with the soothing moisturizer, which is super beneficial to avoid dry skin.

Would I use it again?

After looking at my skin, I noticed (mostly on my nose) that many blackheads had disappeared, and my skin looked noticeably cleaner. After removing it, my face was red for a bit, but it quickly went away after completing my regimen. As for my existing pimples, they went down a bit but are still here, of course, since a glycolic peel doesn't work instantly, unfortunately, so I'm going to use this mask once a week to keep my pores unclogged and my skin bright.

Is this mask right for you?

If you're struggling with breakouts, blackheads, and dull skin, you should definitely use this mask. This is my first time using this one in particular, but I am an advent user of exfoliating peels, and they do work wonders for acne if used weekly. For the best results, use this peel twice a week or once weekly for sensitive skin.

Happy Peeling!

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