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Slayin' Since 1866: How Juneteenth Fashion Inspires Our Closets Today

It's Juneteenth but in true My Beauty Bag style let's make it beauty and in this case, fashion! As you know, Juneteenth is a time to celebrate Black freedom and resilience. But did you know fashion played a major role in those first Juneteenth celebrations back in 1866 (talking the first celebration, not the first year of the notice of emancipation)? Let's dip into history's beauty bag and see how those threads of style are woven into our wardrobes today!

Throwing Shade on the Past

FREEDOM! No more rags forced on African Americans by enslavers. Juneteenth was a chance for our Black people to shed those symbolic shackles and express themselves through fashion. We hear stories of people in Texas ditching their old clothes and rocking threads once belonging to their former enslavers. For them, I'm sure it was a power move! In South Carolina, freed people waited patiently to choose their own garments, a right denied for so long.

The Colors of Freedom: A Legacy We Wear

Even the colors themselves held meaning. Red, white, and blue might scream Fourth of July, but for Juneteenth, it was all about red, black, and green. These powerful hues are those of the Pan-African flag, symbolizing the African diaspora and Black unity. Fast forward to today, and you'll see these colors popping up everywhere from Juneteenth parades to everyday street style. It's a constant reminder of our heritage and the strength of the Black community.

From Sunday Best to Street Chic: Juneteenth Fashion's Evolution

Of course, Juneteenth fashion isn't stuck in a time capsule. The tradition of dressing up for the occasion continues, but it's evolved to reflect modern Black culture. Think bold prints, statement accessories, and a healthy dose of individuality. Whether it's rocking braids or sporting a dashiki with a twist, Juneteenth style allows us to celebrate freedom through self-expression.

So how can you rock the Juneteenth spirit in your own look?

  • Accessorize with purpose: Add a touch of red, black, and green with a scarf, earrings, or a statement necklace.

  • Embrace bold prints: African-inspired patterns, florals, and geometric designs are all fair game.

  • Shop with a conscience: Support Black-owned clothing lines and designers like S hania Dion who celebrate Black culture.

Juneteenth fashion is about more than just clothes; it's about celebrating freedom, heritage, and individuality. So let your outfit be your canvas, and paint a masterpiece of self-expression! After all, Black beauty has always been a force to be reckoned with, and Juneteenth is the perfect time to let our inner light shine!

In Beauty,


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