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Placebo Effect or Not?: Gua Sha / Jade Roller

Ancient China and Gua Sha/Jade Roller

Originated in Ancient China, the GUA SHA is a medicine technique that is used against the skin by a stone-like tool. At first it was used for sunstroke but overtime it was found to have been helpful with muscle cramps and other issues. Emperors and empresses used jade like gua sha’s while others used copper for their skin. For over 2,000 years the gua sha was often used for medical pains and to stimulate the skin. It seems that today, the majority of people are using gua sha for face sculpting benefits. Here and there you may see people post their before and after results or to the contrary you may see others denying that gua sha actually works.

Till this day, it has not been scientifically proven that gua sha’s actually works for sculpting the face. So this leads to the question, is this a placebo effect or not?

Gua sha for sculpting or depuffing?

Besides people just using the gua sha for sculpting their faces, studies have been shown that this tool can produce blood flow, aid with lymphatic drainage and puffing. So although it is a constant question against whether or not gua works for sculpting your face, it does indeed help with the flow of blood and puffiness in our faces.

Jade rollers, a traditional Chinese beauty tool, are said to offer a range of benefits for the skin. By gently rolling the cool jade stone over your face, you may improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, and ease facial muscle tension. Additionally, the coolness of the jade can help tighten pores and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Should you use gua sha?

Now, many people have shown results of their face changing from using the gua sha like obtaining hollower cheeks, a sharper jawline and more. Ultimately, the gua sha is all in the matter of your hands. If this tool intrigues you..Try it out! You may also experience the same results as others. I personally use a gua sha along with a facial roller and over some time I have noticed a significant improvement with my cheek bones, morning puffiness and inflammation. Regardless, you will get amazing results using the gua sha rather that is trying to obtain a sharp jawline to the Gods and or a smooth glowing non-puffy face.

Instructions for Utilizing Gua Sha for Facial Massage

- Gua sha can be used in the morning to reduce puffiness and obtain a glow. Then at night, it is used for relaxation and better sleep.

- It is best to use the gua sha with a facial oil or serum of your choice for the best results. Personally, YANY BEAUTY’S soothing moisturizer is perfect for an easy application and an illuminating afterglow with the gua sha.

Here are several effective ways to seamlessly integrate the gua sha or facial roller into your daily routine.

Without a doubt, incorporating a gua sha into your skincare regimen is essential for reaping amazing benefits!

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