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How to Contour and Highlight Your Face Easy Method

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Contouring the face can be a challenging part of the makeup process. You are trying to make the face look a little defined while also avoiding that 5 o’clock shadow. Here are some steps to help you get that snatched look and change the shape of your face with makeup in quick and easy steps.

First, you’ll be using two different shades of makeup from your favorite contour palette such as our Yany Beauty Bold Looks Contour and Highlight Palette or your favorite foundation like our Yany Beauty Perfect Shades Liquid Foundation.

For defined cheekbones, start with makeup that is a least two shades darker than your skin, apply it right under your cheekbone from the middle of the cheek curving it around the cheekbone. Also apply it around the jaw line starting from the bottom of the ear to the middle of the jawline.

Next, take that same dark color and apply it along the sides of the nose for a slimmer nose and along the hairline for a smaller forehead. Now blend those lines for the gods to create a gradient look.

Last but not least, get that lighter color and apply it right above the jawline and in the middle of the nose to make the darker parts look deeper. To add the finishing touch, apply a gold highlight, like the Yany Beauty Glow liquid highlighter, to the tip of your nose and above the cheekbone.

Now you are all done and looking snatched! Hope you enjoyed!

By: Shania Dion


YANY Beauty

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