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Creating Holiday Makeup Looks

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

It's the holiday season and holiday themed parties and events are pooping up everywhere. If you're looking for simple how-tos on creating simple to fab makeup looks, look know further.

Here are our top 3 festive holiday makeup techniques and products.

  1. Mix Your Eye-shadow: Start with a base color, think nude or smoky, and then build on it with colors of the season such as silver, blue, and gold. Check out our Minah Collection Eye Shadow palettes to get the colors you need. To take it up a notch, top your eye shadow with shimmer such as the YANY Beauty Glitz & Glam Liquid Shimmer in silver. The shimmer can also be added to your lips, shoulders, and collar-bone for extra sparkle!

  2. Add Glow: Don't be scared to add glow to your face with loose powders such as YANY Glow or highlight your nose and cheeks with the new YANY Glow Liquid Highlighter with ease.

  3. Go Bold: Create a bold and beautiful pout with bold colored lipstick, think deep reds like YANY Boss moisturizing lipstick or line your lips with a dark lippie pencil and top with a neutral lipstick such as YANY Beauty Liquid Lipstick.

Don't forget to play around with looks, colors, and techniques.

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